European Buddhist Hanmi Association

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Esoteric Mindfulness is based on the teachings of the Esoteric School transmitted by World Recognised Buddhist Master Dechan Jueren.


On his visits to England in 2007 and 2008, which included 6 talks for Essex County Council’s Jiangsu Festival, Dechan Jueren took on a number of Students.

In 2010 a group of students set up the European Buddhist Hanmi Association (EBHA), a registered charity, to facilitate the spreading of Esoteric Mindfulness.

Since 2014 EBHA have been teaching Esoteric Mindfulness sessions at various large MBS Festivals in London and East Anglia.

About Us

Esoteric Mindfulness is a meditation system that works for everybody irrespective of their meditation experience. It uses principles from the I Ching - the worlds oldest book of Wisdom.

Buddhist Master Dechan Jueren brought these teachings to the UK in 2007 and the European Buddhist-Hanmi Association have continued to share these practices with anybody who genuinely wishes to learn.

European Buddhist-Hanmi Association

Founded in 2010, the European Buddhist-Hanmi Association (EBHA), is a registered charity, that facilitates the spreading of Esoteric Mindfulness.

Since 2014 EBHA has been offering free meditation sessions at various large Mind Body Spirit shows in London and East Anglia.

Paul King

Paul is EBHA's senior meditation coach and has personally taught over 1000 people the principles of Esoteric Mindfulness.