Meditation Demystified

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Part 1

Free Presentation

Modern Research is proving what Buddhist Masters knew 2000 years ago, that the body as an innate healing wisdom.

In this free 15 minute online presentation, Abbot Paul King will demonstrate this in a clear and concise way.

Part 2

Introduction Session

Following on from the Meditation Demystified presentation, Abbot Paul King will teach you how to enter the meditative state within just 10 minutes.

The principles of Esoteric Mindfulness are introduced and a simple, very effective Self -Healing meditation is taught and practiced.  The session ends with advice on how to incorporate the practice into everyday life.

After the session notes and an MP3 recording of the meditation are sent that will enable you to continue to benefit from the healing calmness of meditation.

The session is run online via a zoom.Booking is required to join the session. Sessions run weekly at the following times: ​

 Mon   8.30pm,

Wed   8.30pm

    Sun  12.30pm.

Special Offer 

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Intro Session £6 (normally £12)

100 % satisfaction guaranteed!

If you book the intro class and find that you felt no benefits from the first meditation then you will get  a 100% refund.