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   Step 1    

Watch the Free Video Presentation below.

Meditation Demystified

A No Nonsense explanation to how meditation can improve your health and why Esoteric Mindfulness is the most efficient way to achieve this.

Meditation Demystified - Part 1
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   Step 2    

Book an online introductory Session and experience the healing calmness of meditation within 15 minutes

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Esoteric Mindfulness Introductory Session 

Building on the concepts explained in Step 1, this 30 minute session will teach you  a simple, effective guided meditation that you can easily incorporate into everyday life. No previous experience required!

Online Zoom sessions run weekly on a demand basis. 

Pre-Booking is required to get joining instructions.

Over 90% of people experience the Healing Calmness of Meditation from this first session.


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